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Welcome to RealTime OpenControl’s documentation

RealTime OpenControl (RTOC) is a free software for recording measurement data of various measuring instruments. It offers the following components

RTLogger backend

The core element of RTOC. More information here: Backend Source-code

Expandable with plugins

You can write plugins by your own or use a plugin from the repository. More information here: Collecting data


The Telegram-Bot offers access to RTOC from any device with Telegram installed. More information here: Telegram Communication


Communication with RTLogger from other processes or devices. Suitable for embedded devices with graphical user interface. More information here: /Websocket

Graphical user interface (RTOC-GUI)

Used, when running RTOC on computers/laptops to view and edit data. More information here Graphical user interface.


You can write scripts and run/edit and stop them during runtime. You have full access to all data stored in RTOC and access to all plugins. A event/action system gives a simple solution for very custom automisations. More information here: Controlling and automation

Getting started

Follow one of the installation-instructions (pip, builds, source): Installation

See this Example: Embedded to get an idea of the capabilities of RTOC.

Have a look at the plugin-documentation: Collecting data

RTOC will create a directory in the home-directory, where all user-data is stored. More information here: Userdata


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